synthi_large Designed to give a lot of fonctionalities into a small package(16HP). The Synthi Biscuit incorporates the usual needed fonctions (LFO, sample and hold, random noise, sequencer ect...) and more. It offers 10 different algorythms into 3 sub-units to sauce up your travel into the modular world. A sub-module consists of 2 parameters, a gate input, an analog output, a display and a selection button.

No magic trick, no special button combo. To access the different fonctions, click the algo button to browse through the algorythms. The parameters knobs allow changes in the fonctions you're using, they have different roles depending on the mode (speed lfo, gate time, random factor ect...).

synthi-biscuit responds to all Eurorack criterias on power supply(12V/0V/-12V), power connector (2X8), and signal levels.


synthi_01 synthi_02